MyKopitiam Truly Malaysia

Kopitiam or “Coffee Shop” has long been in existence and will always be the choice to chill out and relax in this fast pace modern world.

At MyKopitiam , we want the atmosphere to stay timeless so each and everyone can enjoy and unwind. We want to satisfy our patrons from all walks of life, irrespective of race, religion,culture and even politic to gather for leisure and business.

MyKopitiam was born in 2005 out of a vision of “a cup of coffee blended with friendship and memories”, and holding true to this vision we have started the business growth with our 2nd outlet in year 2008.

MyKopitiam started with the belief that we are more than just a stereotyped Kopitiam which only offer kaya, bread and eggs.The spirit of MyKopitiam rests with the memories of food and friendship which are best expressed below.

  • Unique one of a kind “ambiance” of capture memories and friendship in our shop which NONE other MyKopitiam has come close to achieving.
  • Our foods are concocted with the concept of a “melting pot” where we carefully blend the special taste of cross cultures through our ingredients.
  • Carefully selecting tea and coffee powders to make the best cup using traditional and manual method of brewing drinks.
  • injecting life into our MyKopitiam by bringing back the nostalgic feeling and fond memories, beyond culture,beyond age gap to bring Malaysians closer at heart. Hence, timelessness at MyKopitiam.